Meet The Facilitators

Facilitators are the very back bone of the YROP, they give the program strength, validity and character to work with in the community and provide the best programed services available for todays youth and families in Metro-Atlanta.


Mr. Richard Adam Sellers  Public Relations & Administration Director

Mr. Richard Adam Sellers is the founder of the Kids for A Crime Free Community Project (KCFC Project), where he was awarded the 2000 JCPenny Golden Rule Award. He currently serves as the Public Relations and Administration Director , scheduling food pantry appointments, organizing volunteers, and arranging community projects. He is also a student at Georgia State University, studying art.



Mr. Richard Sellers CFO, Advisor and Volunteer.

Mr. Richard Sellers help founded the YROP in 1995. He has taken part in many of the YROP volunteer projects of many years. He serves as CFO, advisor and a volunteer.


 Mrs. Brenda L. Sellers  Executive Director, Advisor  and Volunteer.

Mrs. Brenda Sellers founded the YROP in 1995, along with her family. She is also a writer and a stay-at-home mom. She currently works behind the seen as an advisor and executive director.





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